Currently our ecommerce store is not fully function yet. You can contact us directly via email or whatsapp to have your order place.

No, all the price are exclude installation and delivery. If you need installation, please contact us via email or whatsapp. Our sales executive will attend you ASAP.

Yes, we currently provide installation within Malaysia. For installation, please contact us to get proper quotation.

Yes, all our products comes with warranty and minimum operating hours. It varies on types of products. Please contact us for further verifications.

Currently we only ship within Malaysia. For overseas shipping, shipping fees depends on the quantity and country to ship to.

The effectiveness of our products are based on Scientific Lab Report provided by numerous renowned Universities and Lab. The effectiveness of the products are assured it is based on a detailed calculation for its effectiveness. If you have further enquiry, please contact us.


Our disinfection rate start from RM450. Price depends on the total area size of the property, please contact us for detailed quotation.

Currently we only provide disinfection service in Sabah Only.

Yes, you will get a detailed disinfection report, sanitation certificate after disinfection.

You will learn basic disinfection principles, disinfectants, tools and methods for routine disinfection.

For terminal disinfection training, please attend our advance disinfection training. This training involve more into practical practice when dealing with positive case area.

Yes. For online disinfection training you will acquired Certificate of Completion. For advance disinfection training you will acquired Certificate of Achievement after passed the assessment.


Our consultation fees start from RM150 depends on the type of services needed. However, we will waive the fees if the quotation is confirmed.

We provide a complete disinfection guidelines. Your cleaner will learn all the techniques and knowledge needed to handle routine and terminal disinfection procedures. With or without positive case.

Please contact us via email or whatsapp. There are many offers available for hotel industries, either to rent or to purchase our equipment.

All building HVAC UVC system are fully customize and the system varies depends on the structure of the buildings, nature business of the building etc. Please contact us to get more info related to HVAC UVC system.

For HVAC UVC system, we are using original PHILIPS control panel and UVC light. The UVC light is installed in the AHU system whereby it is not exposed to human being. It is safe to use and also provide air disinfection to improve indoor air quality within the building.

As we valued our customer privacy. You may contact us via email or whatsapp. We will provide some project references of HVAC UVC system in Malaysia.