222nm UVC Portable Trolley

Our 222nm far UV-C trolley is ideal for microbial reduction on non-waterproof object. It is designed prioritize for hotel industry to disinfect surfaces like curtains, beds, sofas etc. Recent studies shows that the effectiveness of 222nm wavelength in microbial reduction yet harmless to human. The wavelength has demonstrated its ability to inactivate all kinds of ‘super bugs’ such as MRSA, influenza, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, the virus which triggered the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

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    1. Highly effective inactivation and reduction of the majority of spores
    2. Operable in a wide range of temperatures
    3. Timer Mode: 15/30/60mins. Instant On and Off available.
    4. Environmentally friendly and poses very little in safety risk should the lamp break.
    1. TLS UV-C lamps included: 1 X 60W
    2. Shortwave UV radiation peak at 222nm (UV-C)
    3. Portable. No fixing required.
    4. Click here for 222nm scientific report.
    1. Hotel Rooms
    2. Clothing Store
    3. Events Room
    4. Archive Room