Disinfection Training

SMASK COVID-19 Disinfection Specialist are cleaning professionals with the planning, knowledge and processes needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in the workplace.

This course provides information regarding the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, as well as information useful for those responsible for cleaning and disinfecting areas which may be contaminated with the coronavirus. Understand the key principles of cleaning and disinfection for infectious diseases in the workplace Identify and list the important tools and processes for successful and safe cleaning and disinfection

Preventative, response, infection control, and contamination control measures to known or potential infectious disease outbreak situations.

  • Importance of proper cleaning and disinfection for health.
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, and equipment
  • Understanding chemicals and Safety Data Sheet.
  • Key takeaways and frequent asked questions.
  • Certificate of Completion by SKM Certified Hygiene Officer.
  • Course Length : 4 Hours
  • Learning platform : Zoom Webinar

By taking the course, you and your employees will be armed with the knowledge to help fight infectious diseases in the workplace.

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